Pau Tatt Water Pipe Sdn Bhd

Pau Tatt Water Pipe Sdn Bhd an established steel pipe and fittings manufacturer for the water transmission industry was formed in 1994. Today Pau Tatt Water Pipe stands tall with a total of 20 years of experience and knowledge in the steel pipe and tube for water transmission industry. Pau Tatt Water Pipe is well known for its integrity, excellent service and top quality product.

PAU TATT's Vision

-Aims to be the leading quality steel pipe supplier and manufacturer in Malaysia.
-Aims to satisfied every customer and client order, requirement and needs.

PAU TATT Water Pipe Business Pillers

Pau Tatt Water Pipe Sdn Bhd’s vision is to supply steel pipes and tubes not only to their existing customers, but to the Government and Private Sector on projects basic. Pau Tatt Water Pipe Sdn Bhd strive to make customer service our top priority. With that in mind we are constantly improving our service to ensure our customer get the best. Your project’s success is of utmost importance to us.

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